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Her cheerful mood dropped suddenly, leaving her features dressed in a confused and surprised expression, yet the smallest traces of a smile remained on the corner of rosy lips. “Wha-what’s with the question?” But she was bounded to answer, being the polite girl she was…supposed to be. “That depends in the way you see it” She suspected something peculiar about this man with a pretty odd name. “But yeah, you could say so. Now you answer me this: how do you know about parallel universes?” He might as well return the favor.


"Brilliant." he muttered to himself. He should have known better to set the co-ordinates on his manipulator on random, it didn’t exactly take him to the best of places but a different universe was pushing it. But if the manipulator sent him here, he was sure he’d be able to get it to send him back. The only problem he had now was Rose, who probably had a lot of questions. "Well, um, my dad told me about them." He explained to her, rubbing the back of his neck. "He’s sort of an… expert in those sort of things."

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