Captain, my captain.
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James Song. More commonly known as the Captain. The son of a madman in a blue box, and the phsycopath who murdered him.

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arrogant boy

love yourself so no one has to

they're better off without you.



“Still, mainly my fault. I was the one backing up without checking first.” She replied, offering a soft smile. She brused some hair out of her face, glancing at the man for a moment. “Ah, I’m Rose.” She introduced, nodding her head a bit. He didn’t look like he was from around here, or atleast the blonde hadn’t seen him before. She couldn’t obviously know everyone in town, but she did know a fair amount of them.


“Well, I guess there is that. Let’s just say we’re both the blame, eh?” He said with a small shrug. “Nice to meet you Rose.” He gave the woman a broad grin. “I’m The Captain, but you can call me James if you like. I’m still getting used to the whole Captain thing.” He took his gaze away from her as he began to look around again, scratching the back of his head for a moment. “Um, you would be able to tell me where I am, could you? And maybe what year it is?”