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Wedding Starter Sentences

“I hate weddings,”
“Why is it necessary to put a ring on it of you’re already happy?”
“Do you think it looks nice?”
“Ugh! She’s turning in to bridezilla!”
“I know I’m your best friend, and I never wanted to say this, ever—but I cannot stand him/her.”
“I caught the bouquet, do you know what that means?”
“I’m in love with the bride/groom.”
“I’m getting married tomorrow! It’s too late for us!”
“You’re getting married tomorrow! It’s too late for us!”
“I always thought it would be you standing next to me at the alter..”
“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”
"You're not supposed to see me before the ceremony!"
"Are you sure you wanna spend the rest of your life with this?"
"This is my wedding and I'm going to run it how I want!"
"Mind if I cut in?"
"Last change to change your mind.."
"I don't know if I can do this.."
"Leave him/her! You can't go through with it!"
"Stop the wedding!"
"I object!"
"She/he's asking me to stand at her/his side while she/he marries someone who.. isn't me."
"I lost the ring."
"I have a confession to make."
"I'd like to make a toast."

Teenage Dirtbag || AU


"This is no challenge, James…" Anna spoke evenly. To her there honestly wasn’t. James was just being absolutely ridiculous and a Mr. Know It All and frankly, really annoying.

Her eyes narrowed, “I’d rather you just be quiet.” Anna rolled her eyes, “Like you would care anyways.” She felt James study her and she turned forward again, “Mhm.” She kept her tone cheery. Anna rested her cheek on the desk, taking mindless notes and doodling. She tried very hard not to focus on James and how infuriating he seemed to be. 


“Never said there was.” He shrugged his shoulders carelessly. There she was, just making assumptions again. Only this time he couldn’t be bothered to point them out. She could go along thinking whatever she wanted about him. It wouldn’t matter, it wasn’t like he was going to be here awfully long if he had his way. It might not have been working as well as he hoped, but the stupid school would have to break sooner or later.

His lips pursed, humming as he pretended to think about her request. “Nah, that idea doesn’t agree with me. Especially when you make comments that are just asking for something back. Sorry sweetie.” She rolled her eyes and James tried to stop himself from doing the same. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Maybe I don’t care. ‘Cause you know, I’m a cold and heartless kid that doesn’t care about anything.” He sighed softly as her attention turned to the doodles she was drawing on her notes, crossing his legs on the chair as he folded his arms. “Well, time is just going to fly by like this, isn’t it?”


Eleven and River + colours







long exposure game strong


See this and tell me there is no life elsewhere in the universe. I dare you.

I’m going to fucking throw up

This blew my mind.

Oh my god.

Who are you??


"No, no I don’t," Stella replied shakily. She wondered why her parents weren’t coming. Were they gone? They wouldn’t leave her alone, that much she knew, so Stella turned around and called for her big brother. "James? James get out here!" Her brother would always come, she knew for certain. She grabbed her mother’s blaster resting on the console and aimed it at the intruder. "You don’t move!… How do you know who I am?" 

“Yes, you do.” The bewilderment was clear on his face, but he still tried to remain as calm as possible as he saw the frightened look on his sister’s face. His brows arched upwards as she called out for him. He was right here, though. Why was she shouting for him? “Ste——” He went to take a step towards her when she grabbed their mum’s sonic blaster from the console and aimed it towards him and he jumped, instantly raising his hands up in surrender as he stepped back. “Okay, stop it and put it down now Stella. This really isn’t funny.” His voice was shaky as he was brutally reminded by the gun held in front of him of how his regeneration had happened. “How do I know you? For God sake, Stella. I’m your brother. James. Remember? You just called out for me.”


"Come here, Handsome" ((I regret this already))




    “Jesus Christ! Wow. — Listen, sweetheart, if you wanted my attention all you had to do was…. Oh my God!"

          As if the sudden groping hadn’t caught him by surprise, he was certainly surprised when he turned to be met with the culprit. Actually, he was more than surprise. He was mortified. Out of anyone in this bar who could have come up to him and made advances, the last person he had excepted was his mother, of all people.

      “I am really, really hoping you’ve just had way too much to drink that you can’t recognise who your children are. Because otherwise, I’m running away to the other end of the universe and never coming back…”

She smiled softly, turning away from him. “I hope they’re not. It’d be nice if I actually escaped. But only a fool would believe that they did.” She sighed heavily, sitting back in her seat. “Only it’d be much better if I knew who I was so afraid of watching me.” River shook her head, her smile brightening back up to how it was before. “But I suppose you can’t help something like that any more than you can help being born.”

River rolled her eyes at the other man, giving him a knowing grin. “You’re a young looking man, whatever your age is, visiting a bar that is well known to be a hot spot for university girls. Well, girls younger and more carefree than I am, ones who are out just looking for one night stands to help them forget the problems of the day. And I believe that me taking up all your time tonight has unfortunately meant most of those kind of girls have already gone home or out with someone else. Feel free to wander around the university and the dorms. I’m sure someone will give you attention for the night, if you’re desperate.” She sat up straighter in her chair. “I would offer my own company but, seeing as how you already flattered me so well and that I do have someone else I’m interested in, as idiotic as he may be, I’m afraid you’ll have to resort to other methods.”

A small laugh escaped her as she stood. “You couldn’t be with how much you drink, taking them down like water. Well, I should be getting back to my room, it is late after all and I do have classes tomorrow.” She groaned lightly. “That’s not going to be fun with a hangover and those idiots asking me whether or not I got laid. Honestly, they only think about sex. Anyway, I’d best be off. It was nice chatting with you, whoever you are.”

James almost winced at her sigh, knowing that he probably knew more about what she was talking about than she actually did. But naturally, he couldn’t say that, in fact he couldn’t even let on that he even understood what she was talking about. “You know, sometimes you don’t make sense at all?” He let out a fake laugh, watching as he swirled the drink in his glass to avoid eye contact. “Either you’ve had too much to drink or you’re just barmy.”

He couldn’t help but laugh and hand coming up to rest over his eyes for a moment as he tried to calm himself down. “Okay, you might have got me there. But I wouldn’t worry, you won’t see me wandering around the dorms later. It was actually the alcohol that was my main reason for coming here, and I actually think that, that’s enough for me.” At the mention of alcohol he looked down at his drink, downing the remaining contents and gesturing to the bartender to refill it. He merely nodded as she brought up his earlier reaction, deciding that if he said anything in response to that, he’d probably only go and dig himself into another hole that he wouldn’t be able to get himself out of.

”What can I say? I learnt from one of the best.” He grinned cheekily, given the fact he’d actually referred to her there, and possibly his uncle of sorts. He certainly hadn’t learnt it from his dad, the man couldn’t take a single sip of wine before wanting to spit it out everywhere. There was another wince at the mention of lectures with a hangover, knowing himself how bad that could be and tutted teasingly. “Can’t say I’d want to be you tomorrow morning, then.” He gave a soft smile and he gave a small wave, the smile slowly turning into a smirk as a thought came into his head. “See you around sometime.”

Psych Ward || James & Anna


Anna smiled softly and shook her head, “It’s something good in this case.” She moved to hold his hand for a moment, squeezing lightly. 

"Because I wasn’t sure, but Nurse Pond said you showered all by yourself." She teased lightly. Anna nodded, "Perfect." She smiled widely. They walked towards that area and sat down. "Would you like to read or shall I first?" She sat next to him so their arms were touching. 

She gave a soft smile and James stayed silent for a moment as he thought about it. “Okay.” He finally said as he nodded softly. “I trust you.”

He rolled his eyes as she spoke, knowing that she was obviously teasing. “I know, such a big boy I am.” He replied sarcastically with a fake smug grin to go with it. A small smile spread across his face as she seemed to agree with him. “I thought so.” Their arms stayed linked together as they walked towards the tree and she sat down right next to him, making James fully aware of how close they were to one another as their arms touched. “You read earlier on, I think it’s my turn.” He held out one hand as he gestured towards the book.

Sibling Bonding II closed


Estelle crawled toward him and slipped her arm around him loosely. “I want my baby, James… I just want to hold my baby, but. . but it’s gone.” She felt hot tears rolling down her cheeks as she spoke. “It’s killing me.” 

Her arm slipped around his waist and James returned the gesture, rubbing soothing circles into her back. “I know. Trust me, I know.” He voice was only a little louder than a whisper and he paused for a moment as he kept up his actions. “I know it sounds stupidly cliche and that it may not seem like it right now, but it will get better. I promise.”

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