River dug her fingers into the light blanket covering her, wishing that those footsteps were leaving instead of approaching. A few people had already visited her and those who had yet to were ones she didn’t want to see her like this. Her family, mainly, people she strictly told everyone who knew any of their numbers to keep in the dark. But the footsteps into her living room, stopping in the hall, the slight inhale that sounded like her son’s, one of the few with the key to her place. She turned her head away from the door. “You shouldn’t be here.”

A very faint smile graced her lips. “I’m afraid you do. Anywhere we weren’t supposed to be, we always went right to, even if you or your siblings were with us. I suppose we were lucky that none of you ever became hurt like this.” The thought immediately sobered her a bit. What if they had ever been hurt like this? It would have been her and the Doctor’s fault, and she knew she’d never forgive herself. Perhaps this was just her payment for their children staying relatively unharmed all those years.

Whatever remained of that smile vanished as she turned her blind gaze to the location where she thought her son was, as close to the position where she remembered the chair was. Of course, it was a bit easier to place with how many times she had bumped into it just trying to get into bed, but it didn’t mean that she was accurate yet. “Who told you? And how much did they tell you?” She didn’t want him to know, so whoever had told him immediately lost her trust. There was no way he could have figured it out on his own, and she wasn’t due for a visit from him just yet. She didn’t want him, or anyone she truly cared about, to be there until she had gained more experience without her sight. “Tell me the truth, James.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say regenerating is exactly lucky. —— But actually that was more my fault. Given the fact dad did tell me to stay behind that time, but I followed anyway…” He shrugged lightly. While that moment in his history had made some impacts, it was mostly gone and forgotten. And never once had he blamed his parents. In a way, he didn’t even blame himself. He was naive back then, and he made a mistake. One he had learnt from… a little bit. Besides, at least he was alive and breathing. And, he would never say it out loud, but James had to think that, that was better than what his mum was going through right now.

He froze instantly as she asked him the question he was hoping she didn’t touch on. He knew it was inevitable that she would, he knew he’d given everyone strict orders not to tell him nor anyone else in the family. But he had still been wishing she didn’t ask. He was partly pissed off with her for not wanting him around, no matter what the reason. He thought who had told him was doing the right thing, and he would hate to sell them out. But he couldn’t lie to her… even without her sight, he knew she would know if he was lying.

“Jack.” He spoke quietly, hunching up in his seat. “Jack told me. — Don’t be mad at him, mum, okay? He was doing what he thought was best.”

Meeting the Parents || James and Anna


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Psych Ward || James & Anna


He let go, “There we go.” She smiled softly. Anna shook her head, “Don’t be.” Her forehead rested against his for a moment. Anna laughed and shook her head, “No sir. Definitely not. Like those boy-band member types.” She winked at him again, or those in hospital clothing. 

Anna held his hand, “You’ll talk to her for a bit then probably bathe and then sleep. And I will be there first thing, to wake you up.” She stood up and put her hands on shoulders, standing in-between his legs slightly, “And tomorrow. We go outside.” Anna smiled softly. 

Anna smiled softly and he gave only a simple nod in response. He felt far too stupid already to want to say anything else. Her head rested against his as she told him not to apologize and he felt himself tense up a little again. — He didn’t understand, she’d just said this was wrong and then she was going and making it… well, worse, in a manner of speaking. “You like those boy-band member types?” His brow came up, smirking slightly as she winked. “‘Spose that’s better than the old, mad professor type.”

His nose wrinkled as she told him what would probably happen after she left. “I vote for skipping the talking thing and just having a bath and going to bed.” He mumbled quietly. He may have gotten comfortable with Anna pretty quickly, but it was still only the first day… He didn’t really fancy having to talk to anyone else. He looked up at her as she said what they’d do tomorrow and he smiled softly. “Sounds good.”

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JJ grinned as James called him his "little man", "Your only little man?" His eyes wide with joy. JJ pondered for a moment, "Yeah, I think so. But mummy needs my kisses too." He gave James a very serious look. "But daddy gives her special kisses."

JJ’s eyes seemed to brighten up as he spoke. “My only little man.” He spoke with a soft smile and a nod. He watched as the little boy seemed to think for a moment and he nodded again. “Yes she does, of course.” Then JJ gave him a serious look, but James couldn’t help but laugh as he spoke. “I suppose I do, yeah.”

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Anna played with the hem of his tshirt as he spoke and she nodded. "I know." She sighed, "And I am sorry too. I know I put not only myself into danger but you as well, and I know that it scared you. I should have asked." Anna ran her hand through her wet hair, now she was feeling fidgety.

As she played with the hem of his shirt, James wanted nothing more than to go up to her and hold her, but he stopped himself from doing so. “You were only trying to help.” He argued, his voice small. “I can’t honestly say I would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed…”

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"Why can't you trust an atom?" (Because like James would do anything other than physics jokes)



"Oh god. I’m preparing myself for the worst.


"You — you are so, so lame.”


"Excuse you. You’re just not appreciating the joke properly.

                          Like you could think of a better joke anyway…”


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