Captain, my captain.
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James Song. More commonly known as the Captain. The son of a madman in a blue box, and the phsycopath who murdered him.

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love yourself so no one has to

they're better off without you.

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This actually always made me really upset

I’m thirty now, and this still really upsets me.


  [ She almost whines at the loss of warmth when he untangles away from her, because she was only checking, blimey, why’d he have to move away? Then again, maybe she shouldn’t have spoken— he seemed relaxed enough to be asleep, but considering his irregular sleeping schedule, she wasn’t sure whether his eyes were just closed or he was actually asleep. 

                …Well, at least she knew now. ]


     [ She whispers, biting her tongue to avoid complaining about his new position. She’s awake now, might as well get breakfast started— if she could just get the willpower to leave the bed, anyway. There’s a dull ache starting at the base of her skull, and she wonders if she can stand without falling flat on her face or groaning in pain. Whichever comes first. Ellie decides to brave it, because the least she can do to thank him for being a human pillow is make him a decent breakfast. 
               She manages to take two steps before banging her knee on a chair. ]

                           ”It’s alright, just shh.”

    [He brushed it off with a wave of his hand, his face never leaving the pillow. Honestly, he had half the mind to cover her mouth with his hand to stop her from saying anything else, just like she had done to him the night before. He could see how annoying it was now and he made a mental note for next time, if this ever did happen again, to keep his mouth shut.

        There was complete silence after that and he hummed happily, trying to make most of the time he had left to sleep before it came to the point he knew he’d have to get up. It’s colder now he hasn’t got Ellie by his side, and he pulls the covers up more tightly around in to try and compensate the heat loss.
            He’d only been asleep again for another few minutes when he was woken up again. This time with a loud thud that made James shoot up so quickly, he got head rush. It had been Ellie again, of course and he sighed softly, rubbing his eyes tiredly.]

                           ”Jesus Christ, Ellie. What are you trying to do?”


River only shook her head. She smiled sadly. “I know, but it should heal soon. It’s your fault for not being careful, though. Hopefully, you won’t be so reckless next time.”

    “Please, when has anyone in our family not been reckless?”

         [He scoffs, taking another sip of the water. He was already becoming restless, but he didn’t dare want to know what would happen if he moved…]

      “You’d do the same and you know it.”

"This is what they were building. My bespoke psychopath."
"I’m all yours, sweetie."


"No, you don’t," River laughed. She walked over to the side of the sofa and handed him a glass of water. "Drink it slowly."

    “I so do.”

          He folded his arms across his chest, only to find that it hurt to do so and moved them back. He took the glass from her with a huff, taking a few sips.

      “I hate this already.”


"James Song, if you stand up, I’m going to shoot you. Sit down, before you hurt yourself more, please.”

    He ignored her for a few moments. He kept trying, getting absolutely nowhere before he groaned, collapsing back down onto sofa, eyes narrowing again.

                          “I hate you.”

"You can’t even stand, sweetheart."

    He lifted his head up to give her a look. He shook his head, wincing as he carried on trying.

          “No. I can, I can. Just…give me a minute.”

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"Why are you so calm about this?"


River gritted her teeth. “My being shot is nothing that hasn’t already occurred.”

James scoffed. “So?” He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter if it’s happens before. You were shot, and that’s not okay.”

River folded her arms.

James bit down on this lip. “I’m fine. See…” He said in a calmer tone as he tried to stand up.

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"If you don't rest, you won't heal."

    “For God sake mum, I’m not a child any more. I said I’m fine.”