Captain, my captain.
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James Song. More commonly known as the Captain. The son of a madman in a blue box, and the phsycopath who murdered him.

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True Colours - Closed Para


Daisy’s head throbbed, her mind was overflowing with information, visions of burning orange skies and scarlet grass which burst through the soil of the rolling fields which surrounded the glass domes which scattered the mountainous landscape. The glass glistened as the light from the two suns hit their curved surface, only to be occasionally broken apart by the golden clouds.

She lurched forward, tossing the silver watch across the room and breathing deeply. The golden swirls of energy still oozing from the casing, and creeping out of the now cracked glass. There was also a whispering, unintelligible whispers that drowned out the sound of the traffic outside her apartment. “No! Please no!” She pleaded as her vision began to blur again.

“We have to send her away. She’s got to survive this.” She was looking up, and she was sure she was lying down. A group of people were stood before her, wearing scarlet robes decorated with golden patterns not completely different to those on the back of her watch. She wondered what was going on, or who these people were, but the woman, dark blonde and thin looking seemed on the brink of tears as she picked Daisy up. “She is my daughter, the heir to the Gallifreyan throne, I will not have her brought up as an orphaned human!”
“But what is the alternative?” The man who had also been overlooking her approached his wife. “To have her slaughtered by Daleks? She won’t stand a chance against one Dalek, nevermind an army!”

She was thrown back into her own body, she felt strangely stretched, like her arms and legs had grown from those of a baby in seconds. She ached as the golden energy from the watch made it’s way towards her, wrapping around her arms and warming her skin. She felt another pulse slowly make it’s way throughout her veins.

“Doctor. Take her to earth, leave her somewhere you know she will be safe. And know that if you succeed, you will be responsible for the salvation of Gallifrey.” She was passed from one man to another, this one was older, ragged looking and grey haired. He was stood in the doorway of a blue box which seemed smaller on the outside. A TARDIS, that’s what it was. New information was now being passed into her head, knowledge and skills she never knew she had before she collapsed. “Find him, Find us.” The woman’s voice whispered as she blacked out, muffling the knocking sound at her door.

    There was nothing. Nothing exciting, nothing strange or interesting going on where he could go investigate and possible get into trouble. There was nothing of the sort. Anywhere. It left James with a horrible sense of emptiness. Those moments, those little adventures were what he lived for, and it seemed the universe had decided to deprive him of it. He had looked everywhere only to come out empty handed, and his dad wasn’t answering his phone… again

          It was torture, the complete boredom he felt. It ate at him from the inside. He’d taken to sitting on a nearby bench, fidgeting as he intently studied his surroundings, the people passing by. Just looking for something, anything, even if it was the most tiniest thing that could suggest that there was something abnormal going on. It was beginning to push half an hour, though to him it seemed like much longer, when he suddenly felt something. 

      It was inside his head. A little nagging feeling that there was someone else around that was…well, like him. The feeling wasn’t a new one to him. He got it often when he was in the presence of his dad, his sisters, and other family members that shared the Gallifreyan DNA that he had. But this was different, it felt just that little bit different. This person, whoever it was, was someone new. And that made him excited, if not somewhat a little bit confused. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else left, after all. It was supposed to just be his family. 

    He jumped off of the bench and onto his feet all in one swift movement. Homing in on the presence he felt in his mind, he began to track down the whereabouts this other Gallifreyan, doing his best to dodge the people that got in his way. The presence suddenly started becoming weaker and James quickened his pace, focusing harder on tracking them. until he finally found himself on the doorstep of a house. 

         It was then that the presence seemed to fade from his mind almost completely. He was only just about able to pick it up….almost like if whoever it was, was sleeping. He quickly braced himself, biting down slightly on his lip and he rapped a tune onto the door, waiting patiently for an answer of any kind. But none came and James sighed before knocking again, this time more persistently as he peeked through the letterbox, searching around to see if anyone was in there.


Semi Hiatus notice.


Yep I know. I really only just got off the last hiatus and I’m on one again, but I really, really need to. School work is piling up like a bitch, and I’m finding it hard to keep up with that and this at the same time, and of course the school work it going to take priority. 

It’s half term next Friday so once I get back from that. I have another 6 weeks left for the Spring Term. And another 6 weeks until the Summer half term when I go on study leave, and a lot of exams are even before that. So if you look at it that way, I really don’t have a lot of time to sort my shit out. I haven’t even started revising properly and I really need to. I also don’t deal with stress well, either. I won’t go into details, but I’ve relapsed once, and I don’t want to do it again because I’m trying to keep up with this and school and it’s too much. 

Replies will still happen, just very infrequently. It’ll all depend on if I have time in the day to do it, and if I have enough energy to want to do so. Because that’s another thing. Sometimes I just don’t feel up to doing them when I do have time. Just please be patient with me and you’ll get them sooner or later.

There’s no official end to this hiatus… probably when the exams end and I’ve signed out of school and had prom. I’ll let you all know when I’m off it.



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[ hey no that’s not your fault. //hugs tight. it’s over now, and it’s not going to happen again, okay? you have to believe that. ]

[i keep telling myself that it won’t, but i’m still scared. i don’t know, it just seems to cramped and louder, and i feel cornered and i hate it.]

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[adding new songs to my phone for the bus journey tomorrow and then i’ll probably go to bed. replies shall come tomorrow… or whenever. the semi hiatus thing is coming back in full swing now]


"If that’s the case, I would have to in order to find out. But, I see no point to do so now when I have other obligations here. I can always plan accordingly on how to set foot there without getting killed later in life when I have time for it.”

James nodded, biting his lip slightly. “Well, if you ever do, just make sure you’ve planned it carefully yeah? And only do it if you really want to find out. There’s no point in even trying to get the information unless you really want to know. It’s not worth the risk.”


        “Because…” Juliet began and shrugged a little when she couldn’t find the words to explain. It was an odd question after all. Most people wouldn’t have questioned why the Captain wasn’t a proper name. Then again, he wasn’t most people. “Just… because.”

       ”It’s a title.” She said after a short pause. “It’s not a name, it is a title. A rank.” Lowering her voice, she spoke again. “Did your parents actually named you Captain? I don’t think so. Still if you wish me to call you the Captain, it’s alright. But it also does say a lot about your personality. I guess.” Another pause. “I’m blabbing, aren’t I? I tend to do that when I’m nervous.”

      “Blabbing a little bit, yeah.” He glanced over at her again and shrugged. “It’s okay though I suppose.” His eyes were just starting to make out clearing not too far ahead of them now, and he began pulling her along with more haste. They needed to get out of there before the things, whatever they were, decided to come back. 

            “No, my parents didn’t call me the Captain, by the way. I chose it. It’s sort of a tradition I suppose, but once you reach a certain point in your life you choose a name of your own, usually a title.——My dad done it, I thought I’d carry it on.” He gave off another shrug. “And I know saying I chose the name ‘the Captain’ probably doesn’t help with what you think about my personality, but I swear it’s not because I have a vanity problem. It’s…in memory of someone.”

A 20th Century Date


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see allie….that is her “bitch you call me to look over at you one more time and you take a photo i will bite you” face. 

there’s not bigger level of boredom then when you decide to have a photoshoot with your pup. meet shiloh everyone. happy munday:)